Commited to protecting your
rights & interests

The firm is best known for its expertise in Civil, Corporate and Commercial practice. The firm also has an active real estate and litigation practice.

1. What is Vajrala Legal Associates ?

Vajrala Legal Associates is a modern interpretation of the law firm that’s purpose-built for the efficient execution of sophisticated legal work.

2. How do you protect confidential information ?

Varjala Associates goes to great lengths to ensure confidentiality of its customers' information. All information is stored on a secure server, which encrypts transmission of data between users' browsers and the server. In addition, Varjala Associates and its employees are under the same obligation to preserve the confidences and secrets of your clients as your employees, associates and outside counsel. We keep all information disclosed by our customers in connection with a project strictly confidential.

3. How shall I get appointment from you?

You can drop email to or reach us through phone.

4. What is the convenient time to reach us over the phone ?

6 pm to 9 pm

5. What type of cases does the Vajrala Law Firm Handle ?

Kindly refer to the area of practice section of the website to get the details of area.

6. How much will it cost to get a consult ?

If you are seeking a consultation for any other matter, give us a call and we will discuss any consultation fee with you when scheduling your appointment.

7. Do Vajrala Associates work together ?

Our Associates occasionally work in teams and frequently alongside each other while serving the same client