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The firm is best known for its expertise in Civil, Corporate and Commercial practice. The firm also has an active real estate and litigation practice.

About Us

Vajrala Associates is a full -service law firm based in Tirupati with proven experience in representing and assisting individuals with respect to system of law in modern India. We provide effective, timely and efficient high-quality legal services. We are experienced, accessible, responsive, and focused on our clients’ success

Our team of lawyers are contesting, advising and handling on the matters of matrimonial and family matters, divorce and Child Custody, dowry Matters, Property after divorce matters, maintenance for wife and child, maintenance in divorce case, sexual harassment with women’s, domestic violence, child custody guardian ship cases, criminal Cases, accident claim Cases, adoption civil Cases, civil Cases, civil Legal Aid services, Property law cases, consumer protection Cases, Defamation Cases.

Our Property Lawyers advise on buying and selling residential or commercial property to residential or commercial leases. We have rich experience in dealing with the variety of property and land disputes that often arise in the real estate scenario, many types of disputes emerge from a property transaction. Our Child adoption lawyers can easily identify agencies that are looking to adopt. Our Child adoption lawyers can facilitate an adoption through a private or public agency. Intellectual property law practices span the entire gamut of intellectual property matters, from patents, copyright and trademark law to licensing, franchising and distribution to technology transfers and trade secret projects. Intellectual property lawyers investigate commercial and trade practices in the distribution, financing and furnishing of goods and services for the use of consumers. Our criminal defense lawyer works with the defendant to develop the best way to minimize the consequences of any unlawful activity the client may have been involved in. Our legal consultant help to identify prevent and solve legal issues facing a client. Our Service and Labour Lawyers provide the services of Indian Attorneys for all kinds of services in the field of Indian service laws, CCA and CCS cases, disciplinary cases, misconducts, termination, transfer, removal etc. Our personal injury lawyer who is passionately committed to obtaining all of the compensation to which you are legally entitled. Our Defamation lawyers are committed to protect the reputation of the client.

We are a team of lawyers also advice on international adoption, special leave petitions, matrimonial transfer petitions, rights of women’s in property matters, divorce and family matters
We also handle the cases of extraditions, NRI divorce matters, litigations, foreign divorce decree enforcement by Indian courts and annulment of marriage.
Our expertise enables us to provide our resident Indian, NRI and foreign clients with comprehensive legal services
Our legal firm’s Advocate claims compensation for all medical expenses incurred, mental agony and damages caused to property
Our Legal experts distinguishes between the needs and problems of every person seeking for arbitration and litigation advice



The firm's objective is to provide high caliber legal service, emphasizing thoroughness and promptness. The firm is dedicated to the client's success, being practical and a result oriented, the capabilities of the firm's lawyers, paralegal, staff and infrastructure are being continuously upgraded and expanded to handle virtually any need and to provide quality legal service in all areas of law. The firm adopts a pro-active problem solving approach to the application and management of Indian legal issues.


Our Team

Lawyers of Vajrala Associates have higher legal education from Indian universities and are specialized in various branches of law. Moreover, our advantage is that we approach every case as a team and provide you with best and fast solutions. We spend time creating a relationship of trust with clients and provide access to lawyers with the relevant skills and expertise.



Confidentiality is a priority in our firm. The matters that are brought to this law firm are often highly sensitive. In order to properly represent a client, it is very important that the client feel free to fully discuss all aspects of the matter with us. Accordingly, all discussions with us will be held in the strictest confidence. Knowing this should help you feel comfortable in providing full disclosure of information. Specific procedures have been instituted in this office to safeguard confidentiality. Everyone who works at this office has been trained in the requirements of confidentiality



Vajrala Associates is committed to providing accessible customer service to all clients and visitors to our office. All visitors to the firm are respected equally and are to be treated with dignity, integration and equal opportunity. The Firm make sure that its clients always have hasty access to lawyers at the Firm and are always kept informed of the progresses on their respective cases.